Feasibility Study

Away from fantasy, feasibility study has been through lots of complexes, from huge paper count to very traditional analysis methods.

Med Access has gone through a long journey of practical and realistic business services specially the feasibility studies, in fact, it is the main value we want to deliver and the promise that we always made it come true… according to your need, we will perfectly design you practical plans and services.

Every day we got ideas that we do not know how it will be implemented, of even if it would be profitable.

Here comes Med Access turn to make outstanding, simple and realistic feasibility study which will provide you with the discipline and insight to reassure yourself that your idea is worthwhile your effort and investment.

If you need to finance the business, lending institutions and investors,you must have a feasibility study. The feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success.

Feasibility studies contain main components. but the exact appearance of each study differs. This depends on the industry your company of project belongs to, the critical factors and milestones for that project, the researching method, whether primary or secondary. Most of our studies have multiple potential uses, to validate your assumptions, reassure investors that the proposed venture is economically feasible, Then Med Access combine it all together in one practical study.

Med Access offers the main three components to the feasibility study:
• Market Analysis
• Technical Analysis*
• Financial Analysis

*depending on your business; the technical analysis may not be required.


Med Access using the latest and most efficient feasibility study techniques, our feasibility study focuses on:

  • Stakeholder In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)
  • Demographic Assessment and Trend Analysis
  • Quantitative Survey
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Demand Model/Estimates with Recommendations


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