Food Safety

Over 15 years experience in the food safety field in such well-known companies like PepsiCo, Henkel & Electrolux, made our professionals market leaders in this field.

As these global corporates were satisfied with our work whether in food safety management or quality management as  in:


HACCP implementation &training.
Allergen management .
Handling of customer complaints
All QA issues.
Pest control management
Lead internal &external audits
Conducting AIB audits
Manage budget
Lead cost saving project
Implement Consumer Risk Protection Program.
Support Vendor Assurance program.



Establish franchise management system
Prepare ISO14001Certification
Prepare OHSAS18001 Certification
Build up standard operating procedures.
Lead six sigma project team.
Manage workshop quality performance.
Manage receivables ware house quality.
Prepare Quality reports for management board.
Handling of customer complaints (CRM)
Establish work instructions.
Lead internal &external audits
Prepare ISO 9001 certification
Manage our budget
Lead cost saving projects
Lead quality committee for OG plants.
Design a new program to develop our suppliers.
Coordinate with HR department to set training programs.

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