Health Care

For over 15 years, Our consultants has helped hospitals and medical institutions to successfully maximize their profits in an increasingly developed industry like healthcare.

Med Access consultants’ experience was highly recommended by many firms in protecting and growing our client’s income by optimizing their daily business operations and executing a strategic vision., our amplified services starts from creating the medical institution strategy and go beyond the HR hiring process to the day to day marketing activities.

Our services includes:

Business services :

  1. Concept
  2. Business model
  3. Business plan
  4. Market research
  5. Scope of medical facility services
  6. Services integration
  7. Choosing right location and building
  8. Project management
  9. Hiring and coordination with all outsourced services providers
  10. Organisation structure
  11. Full HR services
  12. Start up
  13. Business development
  14. Business management

Architectural Design and Construction Services:
1- Partitioning Drawings & Details.
2- Flooring Patterns Drawings & Details.
3- Reflected Celling Drawings & Details.
4- Internal Walls Elevations Drawings & Details.
5- Architectural Toilets Drawings & Details.
6- General Details.
7- & Windows Schedules & Details.
8- BOQ
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design Services:
– HVAC System.
– Smoke Management Systems.
– Fire Fighting systems.
– Plumbing systems.
– Electrical Systems.
– Interior Lighting systems.
– Low Current systems (CCTV system, access control system, fire alarm and voice evacuation
system, sound system, MATV system, Nurse call, Telephone system, and IT system).
– Building management system (BMS).
Electrical Section:
1- Electrical shop drawing package
– Lighting System Shop Drawing Layout.
– Power System Shop Drawing Layout.
– Power System Shop Drawing Layout for HVAC Equipment.
– Isolated Power System Shop Drawing Layout.
– Power Riser Diagram.
– Feeder Routing Layout.
– Panel Schedules.
– UPS Room Layout. (Sections, Elevations)
– Grounding Shop Drawing Layout.
2- Low Current shop drawing package,
– Telephone & Data System Network Shop Drawing Layout.
– Closed Circuit Television System Shop Drawing Layout.
– Public Address System Shop Drawing Layout.
– Master Antenna Television System Shop Drawing Layout.
– Fire Alarm System Shop Drawing Layout.
– Nurse Call & Code Blue Systems Shop Drawing Layout.
– Master Clock System Shop Drawing Layout.
– Low Current Systems Riser Diagram.
Mechanical Section:
1- Fire Fighting System Network package,
– Fire protection system floor plan layouts.
– Fire protection water riser diagram.
– Fire protection pump schedules.
– Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems.
– Clean agent fire extinguishing systems.
– Combined Foam & Water fire suppression system.
2- HVAC System Network package:
– Cooling load calculations using HAP.
– Equipment’s and machine room layouts.
– HVAC works floor plans layouts including ductwork, chilled & hot water piping.
– Duct and pipe work installation details.
– Water riser diagram.
– Air riser diagram.
– HVAC equipment’s schedule.
3- Plumbing System Network package,
– Domestic water system floor layouts.
– Drainage and storm water floor layouts.
– Domestic water riser diagram.
– Drainage and storm water riser diagram.
– Equipment’s schedule.
– Toilet details for domestic water and drainage works.
– General and Miscellaneous installation Details.
Medical Planning:
1- Review Architecture Plans
2- Create room by room list
3- Create room data sheets for all medical areas
4- Create loaded floor plans
5- Create bill of quantities for medical equipment
6- Create technical specification for both medical equipment and furniture.
7- Communicate with all other consultant (Civil, Arch, MEP) and support them with all medical
equipments requirement.
8- Create Procurement Plan
9- Create Estimated Cost for medical equipment and furniture according BOQ and technical
10- Prepare detailed time schedule coordinated with all project entities.
11- Coordinate cash flow between owner and suppliers.
12- Calling for Technical and financial offers from suppliers.
13- Technical and Financial evaluation.
14- Receiving the equipments according to the procurement documents and time schedule.
15- Coordinate installation of equipment with supplier.
16- Insure training for all concerned staff covering all needs, operational and trouble shooting.
17- Acceptance and quality assurance procedures using supplier and third party QA equipment.

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